3D Metall-Art


Ideas for your live


Singapore Airport

Decoration in Stainless steal

Doha Airport

Bar Decoration in Aluminum

Signs for your company, office, or simply for you as private Person.


for your shop, bar, restaurant, office or reception.
Metal design make everything look more modern.

We restore antique 3D photo frames or build them new.
For your special photos.
3D pictures in all styles or after your presentation.

Enter your furniture an antique touch.

Of course, also feasible restorations.

Antique books we restore as much as we can decorate your special one.
  Trophies for championships or your VIP tables. Crests, shields or company logos, try our art out.
Sculpture for your home or garden, ask us.   All kinds of door ornaments possible.
Of course, not only for doors!
Vehicle, aircraft or boat dashboards we customize your favorite. Customizing for your vehicle. By our or your idea.

Special urns for the death.
Created for special people.

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Metal design for grave stones. An offer for special people.

more infos: