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Media and Reports


The Magacine Motosport Swiss has been reported through our exceptional craftsmanship. The article about our antique handicraft.

Finals of the first AMD World Championship.
In this show we have already achieved 3 times the final.
On the Boardwalk and the Rats Hole Show world championship we already reached the World Cup title. 1st place each show.

The Godfather:

"Arlen Ness", the most successful custom bike builder in the world and still remained normal. Here with Lai and Daniel.

On the 17th Love Ride in Zurich Switzerland they ook our "Metal Bike" for the stage... here with the Hardrock Band "Nazareth".
More articles about our exceptional work in the regional press of Switzerland. Also an article in the largest daily newspaper from Switzerland, "Blick".
At the "Essen Motor Show" our bike was presented as world news. Here the detail of the exhibition catalog with image and text.

Even In the World Champion Magazine of AMD our work has been devoted to an article.

Here the text including pictures.
The 2nd finals at the AMD World Championship. Here with the "Pure Metal Bike" in Chopper Style. The 2. WM Title in the USA at the great Rats Hole Show in Daytona, FL.

An article in the AGZ the 2nd largest newspaper in Switzerland about our work and victories. Another article in the AGZ news-paper about our work and victories.

An article of ​​our skills and wins at the Chamber of Commerce in Zurich Switzerland.

Thank you!

Our 3th WM Title and 4 other trophy's in the USA was again a good reason to bring a report in the "Blick" - the biggest news paper in Switzerland.
Again in the Final of the AMD World Champion Chip with the "Gem Tiger Bike".

The 3th WM Title in the USA on the great Rats Hole Show with the most detailed Jury in the World.
"The Movie Star"

The actor and stuntman Branscombe Richmond congratulates Daniel to his metalwork and the 1st World Cup title at the Boardwalk Show in Daytona Beach, FL.

In an interview at the outdoor Art Show in South Dakota.
The "Pure Metal Bike" in German SWR TV on the show "tell the truth". Along with the team of SWR TV in the show.

Another interview from a German TV station at the AMD World Cup in SD.

On our 2nd Final participation.

Here one more interview at the Trucker Festival in Interlaken, Switzerland.
In an interview with Blink internet TV at the Rats Hole Show. Even the Chanel 9 TV from Orlando, FL was interessted on our "Tiger Bike" and the Gem Mosaik work on it.