3D Metall-Art


3D Excess


In the 3D Metal Art almost anything is possible. So even fashionable or erotic clothes. In Asia even entire temple be dressed and decorated by the Monks with this old technique.
Most in aluminum but some times
also in other materials.
The inner room is sometimes also made ​​of silver.
The most details on the "Metal Bike" you can see by the art work on the gas tank. The "Pure Metal Bike" won the world's biggest shows, came on TV and has been shown in several museums.

In the Middle Ages books were decorated with the 3D craftsmanship.

We also do such restorations!

For something special, grave ornament in the 3D technology is also no problem.

Three examples of motorcycle gas tanks to show our work in details, so you get a better idea of what is possible.

Of course we decorate many other thins as vehicles, bikes, boats or even airplanes.

Other metal Art, classic wheel, metal eagle or crest.

Simply only Art!