3D Metall-Art


"Metal Bike"

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For the "Metal Bike" anoriginal Harley frame was modified. The frame after the changes, new with light effect touches which brings the sun in different directions.
Lai pounded the middle wheel covers in one piece. Later, they were fitted from Daniel into the wheel. The customized wheel with the fitted flame pieces.
How we do the rear fender, first as a sketch and then... we hammered the aluminum in the correcty shape...
then bent and later adapted the taillight. Even the saddle is my own production as well as the electricity and the electronic tuning.
Also the side covers have been hammered by sketches of Daniel Maag. The "Metal Bike" here in partial assembly.
Of course, the air filter cover also an idea by Daniel... and later self hämmered.
The front fender flames on paper...

the finished product temporarily mounted.

The last finishing on the gas tank. A work that has paid off, even if countless hours are included.
The bike can be converted into 3 versions. Here with wings and there is even a windshield possible.
Here the first version of the "Metal Bike". The second version is in a chopper style with extra blacksmith work and has the name "Pure Metal Bike".