3D Metall-Art


Design by Daniel Maag "TM"


The widest rear wheel of the world!

Swingarm, oil tank , driver's seat and suspension all my own design and build also ​​by me, Daniel.

Here are so many specials that I not want to deal with all of them. The focus is the foldable "rear saddle".

The open Primary was modeled with copper and brass. And the beltdrive itself coated with a leather strap.

The elaborate gear ratio of the widest rear wheel on the Planet.

The swingarm and the caterpillar fender in manufacturing.

The fenders and the tank after painting. Designed by the course of the war with the Nazi parade on the beginning the actual war on the gas tank and the end of the war symbolized with the bombing of Germany.

Copper Tank hammered with 3D Image from us.

Washington's victory parade 1776, US independence.

The rising of humanity against the "old" world with the victory over the Dragon.

An old muzzle-loading rifle (my special design) was used as a front fork of the motorcycle.

"War is the mother of invention".

Here the exhaust has been created as a machine-gun.

Ammunition box designed as a battery box.
Already copied by brainless 

The oil tank as a battery box with a 3D cover.
Front fork with a sprung back. This design is also made ​​by Daniel Maag. The integrated suspension as a whole in a wrought iron front fork.
An old wagon wheel used as handlebar for the "Washington-Independenze" bike. Again, the front fork and brake design was created by me and without modern machinery.
First had to be made casts of Nazi daggers for the food pegs. And here casts were created like claws. For the dragon and his self defence.
A Tiger face in perfection for the "Gem Tiger" bike. Here was a symbolic Capricorn grimace as camouflage and deterrence.
Exhaust pipes in a flame design. Windshield for the Metal Bike also possible with glass.
The Dragon Head is 3D hammered out of 3 pieces.

Nice covers for the ugly holes on a Pan Head frame.

Can be ordered here!

A springer front fork with 3D Alu and gem mosaic work.

Our designed break holder. Possible any design for any springer fork. For your safety.

Our self designed rear Body with 3D Alu adornments. All special designed 3D covers for the primary case.
This Special designed bicycle was a work for the Art academy in Thailand. This eagle was build out of old steal pieces.
A Company logo build in stainless steal. Erotic clothing in 3D hammered handwork. Start price $ 850.- plus shipping.