3D Metall-Art


Winnings and Museums



1st World Cup Title

Was 2005 on the board walk Show Daytona, FL.

The "Aryan" was built for the 60th anniversary and all the victims of World War II.


With the "Washington-Independence" bike I did second place on the same worldchampionship in 2008.

This bike was build for the 222th anniversary of the american independence.

  2010, there were a lot more trophies. 1st place at the Art Lake Thaoe with our metal pictures and the "metal bike", then 1st place in Oklahoma and two times 3rd place on the Rats Hole Show.   Hier on the big Rats Hole Show in SD, after the final on the AMD world championship.
  3rd place on the "Boardwalk Show" in Daytona Beach, FL.  

2. World Cup Title.

1st place on the Rats Hole Show in Daytona Beach. The biggest Custom Bike Show on the world.

  Museum exhibition in the "Art Museum Florida" 2008.   Museum Exhibition at the "Palace of fine Art" in San Francisco.  
  Daniel with Jenny the curator of the Art Museum Florida.   Hier at the Art Gallery in  Orlando, FL.
  Gallery and exhibition at a major bank.   Presentation at SWR TV in Germany.
  At an outdoor Art Show in South Dakota.   The Local TV interviewed me about the old crafts and the idea for this bike.
  The German TV even came to the World Cup in the USA.  

The "Metal Bike" even had a stage appearance at the
"Love Ride" in Switzerland with the rock band