3D Metall-Art



 "Vip" People who know and respect our art


"The Movie Star"

The actor and stuntman Branscombe Richmond congratulates Daniel for the 1st place with the "Aryan" bike.

My friend Chuck is a "civil war expert" & loves our old craftsmanship.
Daniel & Chuck in the "Military Museum" with a 3D metal Image.
Daniel, Lai and Dr. Valentin Landmann with our metal Image "The Broken Justice" in his Office. Dr. Schwyzer from the Schulthess Clinic with our 3D metal image "shoulder". Clear for a shoulder specialist.
Mr. Goddard Vice Governor of Arizona loves the real handwork and our "Pure Metal Bike". "The Godfather"

The customizer King "Arlen Ness" with Lai & Daniel congratulated to our "Metal Bike".

Daniel with the SWR TV rate team by the show "tell the truth". Lai with Mark Beneke the number 1 in criminal forensics.

Daniel with Mr. Egli from Egli Racing and his side car. The 70ty year old man did a new record in his class in Boneville, NV by 206.16 MpH.


Daniel with Luigi Taveri & wife Tilde. The greatest motorcycle racer of Switzerland. 3 time World Champion, 4 time vice and 7 time third Champion. Plus additional gains of 1955 - 1966.
Lai with the Thai singer and movie star Tom Dundee. Daniel with the Thai music legend "Carabao" on Pattaya Bike Party.